Dating Guidance for Introverts. Latest articles by Lana Otoya (see all)

Dating Guidance for Introverts. Latest articles by Lana Otoya (see all)

Lana Otoya

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Hello other introverts! You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for some dating advice for introverts. I will be a relationship and relationship writer together with to navigate the world that is dating an introvert myself. Dating could be hard once you:

-Hate little talk

-Struggle linking with new individuals

-Find it hard to pretend to like some body

-Find it hard to pretend to be thinking about a converstation

Fundamentally dating can be an introvert’s worst nightmare.

I became inpired to create this post after reading a well-intentioned yet “not the most useful advice” article regarding the Quiet Revolution. I will make use of the article as a starting place to offer real advice into the dating world if you’re an introvert that you can take with you.

Most of the quotes during my post come from that article if you’d like to always check the source out in context.


I once had a close friend who’d say, “Dating is nothing but a figures game. ” She believed that going on more times ended up being equal to a greater odds of dropping in love. It could appear pretty reasonable when you hear it aside from the truth that it is utter bullshit. I ought to understand. It took me personally many years of dating before We finally began ignoring this kind of “practical” advice.

It may be bullshit within the sense so it “sucks” but dating is a true figures game – this might be an undeniable fact maybe perhaps not a viewpoint. The greater amount of individuals you meet, the larger the possibilities you’ll find some body which you really relate with. (mais…)

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