Appreciate Lounge: Male Cougar Monikers.popular relationship web site YourTango

Appreciate Lounge: Male Cougar Monikers.popular relationship web site YourTango

The other day, popular relationship site YourTango tackled dating double requirements by theorizing everything we should call male cougars – you understand, the societal practice that of men dating younger (sometimes much-jailbait more youthful) women. Now, this practice has demonstrably existed for tens of thousands of years (we bet also cavemen dated a cavegirls that are few their times). And what’s not-so-surprising?

It’s accepted. Heck, it is even chosen. As journalist Gwendolyn Bond-Upson penned…

But, you could ask yourself, how about the MEN?! Throughout history the phenomenon regarding the younger woman and way, means older guy happens to be accepted if you don’t back-slappingly admired…We say enough because of the standard that is double. Not just could be the tradition of males dating younger females more common and frequently more extreme in age difference, the male set hasn’t even been saddled with a nickname. Fair is reasonable and males should get animal monikers, too!

When YourTango asked what male cougars must be called, I was thinking, “Well, it’s about damn time. In case a cougar like myself is labeled and judge, by golly, therefore should men. All things considered, it is exactly about equality, is not it?”

My choice – and frankly, the just obvious one

Hugh Hefner.

Therefore, friends, exactly what do you believe about these standards that are double?

How come you might think society is really quick to label ladies dating younger guys and never vice versa?

Have actually you ever been the victim of these labeling?

At, 28, you think we be eligible for Cougar reputation?

What do you believe we must call male cougars?

Perhaps i ought to take my cue through the Hefster. (mais…)

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