10 Reasons Dating a Nurse is much like Winning the Lottery

10 Reasons Dating a Nurse is much like Winning the Lottery

There are many professions out here that often get labelled a pleasant “bonus” in dating, but few can contend with nursing. Dating a nursing assistant is similar to winning the lottery – certain, you won’t get rich, but find that is you’ll the variety bonuses that include a nursing assistant can be worth a lot more than any paycheck. Needless to say, nurses do make a paycheck that is nice too.

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Factors why Dating a nursing assistant Is Like Winning the Lottery. Supply: Top Medical Programs

Job Protection

It’s no key that the economy is rough today. The work market’s in shambles, and individuals every-where are wondering if their jobs will still be there a years that are few now. Nurses take an ever-shortening variety of professions that appear to be in no risk, however. It is infrequently after all which you hear the words “Nurse” and “laid down. ” By having a nursing assistant as the partner in life, you will be well informed regarding your monetary future – even when your very own profession gets rocky, they’ll be described as a force that is stabilizing the you both. (mais…)

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