Curacao – This Is of Dushi

Curacao – This Is of Dushi

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So what does Dushi suggest in Curacao?

Within the area of Curacao, you may possibly hear (and sometimes even see) the regional Papiamentu phrase “Dushi”. But exactly what could be the meaning of “dushi” in English? As explained by my guide Charla for the Curacao Tourist Board, “Dushi possesses lot of meanings…but it mostly means sweet, good or good”.

After visiting Curacao, I’m able to attest that the expression perfectly fits this island that is beautiful.

I became just in Curacao for one day on a Princess Cruises stop that is port. Most tourists to Curacao, Charla explained, either see by cruise liner or they truly are predominantly European travellers with plenty of holiday time. “To experience and take in the genuine life style of Curacao you’ll want to remain 2+ weeks”.

With such a tremendously window that is short of for the see, we quickly attempt to explore the area of Curacao and see the meaning of “Dushi” for ourselves.

The Island of Curacao has History

The Dutch colony of Curacao, discovered in 1499, is situated in the Southern Caribbean, simply a quick 60 kilometers north of Venezuela. As a result, you’ll see Arawak, French, Dutch, Spanish, western Indian, Portuguese, and African impacts throughout the island – in language, meals, faith and architecture. Roughly 80% of Curacao is Roman Catholic, but there is however additionally a big settlement that is jewishScharloo) dating back to towards the 1650s that continues today.

Willemstad, a UNESCO World Heritage web Site and house to 16 museums, may be the money of Curacao and where all of the action is. (mais…)

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