My buddy slammed my face from the dining table.

My buddy slammed my face from the dining table.

“When I became 7, my cousin attempted slamming my face into my dessert but missed the dessert and literally just slammed my face from the dining table. We began got and crying blood all over my cake. This occurred once more whenever I had been 9. ” — Redditor TheDInho510

I experienced whooping coughing and stayed into the cellar.

“During my sixteenth birthday, I’d whooping coughing. My parents nevertheless wished to have celebration, but demonstrably, i possibly couldn’t be around, therefore I remained within the cellar as my children had a party upstairs. They place a bit of dessert towards the top of the stairs for me personally. ” — Redditor cat_gato_neko

A vehicle ran over my base 3 times.

“I became 10 or 12 years old as well as in Philadelphia on vacation with all the household. We had been visiting the automobile to get celebrate my birthday celebration. The automobile is parked regarding the part regarding the road and I also needed to be in regarding the motorist part as a result of the passenger home no longer working. (mais…)

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