Browse, The – by Anon – This tale won’t have a especially pleased closing

Browse, The – by Anon – This tale won’t have a especially pleased closing

Exactly exactly exactly What took place right right here sooner or later caused a mom to disavow the affections of her daughter. The tragedy can happen become small at first glance, nevertheless the long haul implications are perhaps devastating. We try not to dwell regarding the negative, nevertheless, nor is it a morality play; the objective of this tale is otherwise. (FF, dom, inc, enema)

Site site Visitors – “Neglected Duties” – by Scatwoman – this really is an easy tale of a Mistress along with her servant who gets penalized for maybe perhaps perhaps not cleansing the restroom. (FFf, reluc, ws, scat)

Trip to a doctor, The – by Pam Bennett – Pam takes her daughter, Wendy towards the medical practitioner for the check-up. A doctor, a lesbian, examines Wendy thoroughly. The session concludes using the nursing assistant love that is making Wendy while Pam as well as the physician view. (ff-teens, exh, inc, physician)

Wagga Wagga – by Alessia Gerini – once I ended up being 17 my moms and dads and I also were traveling around Australia towing a caravan (mobile house). We had stopped for a days that are few Wagga Wagga. Wagga Wagga is tens and thousands of kilometers at home and it is Australia’s largest inland town but it just then had a maximum of 50,000 individuals. I became asked and bored my people if i really could get into city to see a film. They stated, “Yes. ” I could see so I went off into town to see what. (Ffdom/Ff, rom, dental, orgy)

Waitress – by Chrissy – Cindy seeks work being a waitress, but quickly discovers that to help make any real cash she needs to “loosen up” a little. (FF, exh, oral, work)

War – by Crimson Dragon – this will be yet a differnt one of the strange tales that just defies category. I am going to alert you that the whole tale gets the possible become unsettling. At the least it disturbed me to compose it. (FF, cons, war, v)

Warrior, Healer, Goddess – by Zilber – Northwestern Mesopotamia, circa 4000 B.C. – Kura had never known kissing before; but, oh, the brushing and sucking of Larka’s lips and tongue against hers had been intoxicating, therefore soft, but therefore burning hot. She kissed straight back hungrily. (FF, first, rom, quasi-hist. )

Watcher, The – by Elliemae – A lonely spinster workouts by moonlight, she has a peeper until she discovers. (FF, 1st-lesbian expr, voy)

Viewing Game, The – by Vikivoierr – Shanna is a Lesbian. This woman is sort of house-slave to Lisa a BBW. They play a game that is special The Watching Game. (FF, mast, voy)

Viewing My sis – by Durango Dan – Brittney needed to view her small sibling Brianna. When younger woman got afraid she climbed into her sibling’s sleep to comfort her inside her unique method. (ff, young ones, inc, 1st-lesbian-expr, mast, dental, anal-play)

Waterfall, The – by Lizthewizz – just How damp will they get? (FF, rom, dental, anal)

Liquid Fun – by Tracy Chambers – A tale about utilizing the bath tub tap to obtain down on. (F-solo, mast)

Waxed – by T. Rex – Nervously, i acquired up and followed the receptionist. “See you in a tiny bit, ” my co-worker Jenny whispered as she winked at me personally. It was my time that is first at waxing beauty salon. It absolutely was odd the way I wound up here in the first place. Recently we felt I became losing my touch with males. Now aren’t getting me incorrect, we still think i am an extremely woman that is attractive. (FF, rp, bond)

Internet Of Desire – by StarSapphire – an tale that is intergenerational of love and lust. Judy’s lust on her behalf 12 year daughter that is old two decades before in a tale of a new woman’s broken heart. (FF, Ff+, ped, inc, rom)

Wedding, The – by April – a mom and her child change wedding vows and put down for a brand new way of living. (FF, inc, rom)

Sunday, The – by Carlypax – My gf and I also have dirty week-end at a luxury resort and each of us have more than we bargained for. Loads of hot intercourse, although not simply us. (FF, rom)

Welcome To Texas – by Army Whore – Two number of years buddies have stationed during the exact exact same publishing and become more than simply buddies. (FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, dental, army)

We Meet Louise along with Her Twins – by Pam Bennett – Pam and Wendy Bennett meet a new mother of double girls. Louise takes photos of Wendy while Pam seduces the twins. (FF, older/younger, lesbian, inc)

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